Hey trainers,

It’s time for a meme competition!

1ste prize: $250
2nd prize: $150
3rd prize: $100 (Community chosen)

How to participate:
1. Follow @CharizardToken & @Justmadd01 on Twitter
2. Make a meme
3. Tweet your meme, tag @CharizardToken & @Justmadd01, and use the #CHZ006 & #BSC hashtags.
4. Your meme must be related to the Charizard Token
5. The first and second place will be chosen by Caesar, third meme will be the one with the most engagement.

The competition ends in 48 hours, winner’s identities will be confirmed through Twitter.

Hey trainers,

We’ve got some Youtubers lined up for this weekend, also we will be running ads on Poocoin! We can expect a lot of new trainers to join us by the end of this week, let’s welcome them with op arms.

We’ll be hosting a Q&A livestream on Twitch, I’ll be going over our future plans and try explaining every single detail as best as I can. I hope I’ll be seeing you guys on the 26th at 5 PM CEST. I’ll announce the Twitch channel a day prior to the livestream.

If you’ve got any suggestions for our…

Hey trainers,

As most of you know we got mentioned in a GamingBible article, how amazing that? Honestly, it’s only the beginning. This is our first article, within a few weeks we will be all over the web!

I’ve also been talking with a few more YouTubers and influencers, can’t mention names yet but will keep you guys up to date. Please remember that marketing will always be ongoing.

The development of the liquidity farm that will allow you to earn “Rare Candies” is going well! We’re planning on finishing it within 2 weeks. …

We’re working on a liquidity farm, as most of you properly have noticed the price impact is really high at the moment, this can be lowered by adding liquidity to the pool. What we basically will be doing is creating a second Token that will be rewarded to the people who lock their CHZ006 up in liquidity. So you’ll be earning these second tokens passively just by providing liquidity in the CHZ006 pool. The second token will be something like a “Rare Candy”. That can be used to level up the stats of your Pokémon NFTs. …

Charizard Token

The Charizard Token is a deflationary cryptocurrency and a 5% tax is applied to each transaction made using CHZ006.

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